3 Month Bhuta Shuddhi Refill - Camphor



Bhuta comes from the word panchabhuta or the five elements and Shuddhi means cleansing. Bhuta Shuddhi is a whole system of yoga based on the purification of the five elements, which helps you achieve a state of harmony and balance, enhancing the capability of your physical body, mind and energy.

Feel the pure aroma of camphor or kapur (known as chandrabhasma or moon powder in Ayurveda) during the Bhuta Shuddhi process. As per traditional systems of medicine, camphor purifies the air by acting as a natural insecticide, and may also help in relieving chest congestion. Popularly used in auspicious Hindu rituals like poojas, it is also known to remove negative energies.

This pack of camphor that can last for 3 months, is composed of natural ingredients. When lit, these crystals burn without leaving any residue.

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Why Isha Life’s 3 Month Bhuta Shuddhi Refill – Camphor?

-          Pure natural camphor, free of synthetic ingredients

-          Can last for 3 months

-          Helps in the Bhuta Shuddhi process


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