Adiyogi Statue (4 inch, Plastic)



Over 15,000 years ago, predating all religion, Adiyogi, the first yogi, transmitted the science of yoga to his seven disciples, the Saptarishis. He expounded 112 ways through which human beings can transcend their limitations and reach their ultimate potential. Adiyogi’s offerings are tools for individual transformation, as individual transformation is the only way to transform the world. His fundamental message is that “in is the only way out” for human well-being and liberation. To create a joyful and peaceful world, humanity must know that true well-being can only be found within, and they must be inspired and empowered with the necessary tools to turn inward. The tools for transformation that Adiyogi offered to humanity thousands of years ago are not only relevant but essential today.

Adiyogi 4-inch Plastic Statue is the Abode of Yoga and source of energy for people to enhance their well-being.

You can place it at your home or on your office desk, gift to your loved ones on special occasions/festivals etc. Clean it with a white dry cotton cloth.

Dimension (Inches)
Height - 4 inch, Weight - 200g

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