Consecrated Isha Gauri-Shankar Rudraksha



When Gauri merged with Shankar,

Shankar became Ardhnareshwar.

Half man, half woman!

Or rather a full-fledged human,

to personify that when the two basic qualities of nature- the feminine and the masculine strike a balance, life blossoms to its fullest.

“Your intelligence, your capability, and your competence will find full expression only when you are well-balanced within yourself.’” -Sadhguru

Rudraksha, a powerful accessory of spiritual seekers, has been used since ancient times to enhance one’s inner growth and channelize the energies within the system. 

Ida and Pingala are the two fundamental energy channels in a human system. Ida being the feminine and Pingala being the masculine. It is when these two are truly balanced can we walk on this ever-bouncy rope that life is, with utmost ease.

A Rudraksha such as Gauri-Shankar specifically supports in balancing the Ida and Pingala.

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