Hammered Copper Water Jug, 1.5 Liters


Did you know that water (Jala) imbibes the energies of the environment it is kept in? So, storing it thoughtfully, like in a copper jug, before drinking can multiply the healing effects of water. That’s because the combination of water and copper kills harmful bacteria. It also neutralizes the toxins that we add in our body because of the food we eat or due to stress.

Copper-infused water is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties. It promotes better skin health, helps regulate blood pressure and supports production of new cells that heals wounds faster. So, go ahead, add Isha Life's pure copper water jug to your well-being kit


Why Isha Life's Hammered Copper Jug with Lid?

- High capacity of 1.5 litres

- Sturdy built, crafted beautifully with a hammered look

- Lacquer coated and stain-resistant; comes with a lid

- Copper-infused water can cleanse your system of toxins

- Combination of water and copper is known to be anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory


Sadhguru Says: “Because water has memory, we must be very concerned with how we store it.” Read the complete article: Water has memory!

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A few DOs and DON’Ts

-     Copper utensils, when exposed to air and water, can gradually turn dark (bluish-green) and dull. Read our Copper Cleaning Guide to maintain it well.

-          Do not store milk, juices and other beverages in copper vessels


Isha Life’s copper vessels are designed for personal use on-the-go, for storing enough water for the whole family, for serving water at large and small gatherings and to have a healthy sip just for yourself. Check out our complete range of copperware.

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