Honey with Pepper, 250 gm

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This flavourful Pepper Honey can be enjoyed on its own, on toast or mixed with tepid water. Give yourself the myriad benefits of pure Rock-Bee honey with Organic Pepper Extract.


  • May help improve immunity
  • Can provide relief from cold symptoms
  • Is known to increase energy
Points to note
- The accumulated yellow particles on the surface are pollen, a nutritious protein - said to be one of nature's best and most nourishing foods, and can be eaten. - Crystallization is a natural process in honey in low temperatures. To de - crystallize, place the jar in sunlight or warm water.

Read this Isha blog on the 8 Health Benefits of Honey to learn more.


Honey should never be cooked or put in boiling water. The water should be warm, not boiling hot. Honey should also not be given to children under the age of one.

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