Jeevarasam (Consecrate water at home)

Jeevarasam is crafted from burnished metal into an oval shape and has an elegantly crafted serpent coiled around it in a protective position. One Jeevarasam can energize up to 25 liters of water at a time. Within three hours, the water will be consecrated and ready to be consumed. Jeevarasam need not be removed from the vessel. It is ideal to keep Jeevarasam in a copper vessel, and not in other materials like plastic/aluminum containers or water filters. 

Jeevarasam is a simple way of keeping the system in harmony and balance. It can also be taken on long journeys or overnight stays, constantly providing one with high energy water, anywhere and everywhere.

When not in use, Jeevarasam can be stored in a bag of uncooked rice. 

Jeevarasam should be refilled with vibhuti (sacred ash) every 6 months (the interval depends on usage).

Dimensions (Inches)
D - 2.25, H - 2.5

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