Kashmir Natural Honey, 500 gm



Need a quick boost? try a teaspoon of honey in warm water restores energy & helps digestive track. Hot tea with lemon and honey works wonders. Honey has many good uses from cooking to helping skin heal. It even helps dissolve mucus. Honey is the only naturally occurring substance that contains most of the essential micro-elements contained in human blood.

Cradled high in the lofty green Himalayas

Lies a treasure of golden nectar

Carefully collected from the forest flowers

Its healing and rejuvenating qualities

Make it a true Yogic Superfood

Sourced directly from the beautiful Kashmir valley, Isha Life’s Kashmir Honey is a combination of Honey from Rosewood flowers and Wild leaf Tulasi from the Kashmir region. Rightly called the ‘Nature's Gift to Mankind’, Honey is a yogic superfood that is well known for its energy-boosting properties.

 A warm glass of milk with honey before bed is ideal for children.


• For adults, having a glass of tepid water laced with honey every morning on an empty stomach will - strengthen the immune system.

• Cleanse the system and make it more vibrant.

• Aid in weight loss.

• Slow down the aging process in the body.


Best before 18 months from the date of packaging.

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