Linga Bhairavi Gudi (Miniature Devi Temple)



Linga Bhairavi Gudi is a consecrated energy form designed by Sadhguru to bring the Grace of the Devi into your life. The Linga Bhairavi Gudi with penetrating eyes, a compassionate expression, and an enormous Presence, envelopes the devotee with a nurturing embrace of the Mother Goddess. The Devi Gudi, which represents a miniature temple, has been expertly crafted of copper embellished with intricately etched serpents, within which the Linga Bhairavi is enshrined.

The Gudi can easily fit into your home or workplace (3”x 3” - 1kg). One is free to express their bhakti or devotion to the Devi as they wish. The Linga Bhairavi Gudi can be seen as a deity to worship, an energy form through which you can cultivate devotion. 

When you bring a Gudi home, it is an opportunity to make devotion your very quality, bringing a different level of intelligence into your life.

"One who earns the grace of Bhairavi neither has to live in concern or fear of life or death, of poverty, or of failure. All that a human being considers as wellbeing will be his if only he earns the grace of Bhairavi" - Sadhguru. 

Traditionally, yantras are certain forms designed and created to receive particular benefits. However, the Linga Bhairavi Yantras and miniature Devi temples are very unique and the scope of their benefits are manifold. Read more.

Read guidelines on offerings and maintenance of the Devi Gudi.

Dimensions in Inches:
L - 3.11, W - 3.11, H - 3.26

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