Linga Bhairavi Lamp. Brass lamp. Strong and sturdy oil lamp


Changing hues of the sky, from amber to dark blue

Sun, the majestic source of light fades away

And a sacred ritual begins in every Indian household  

With devout chanting of the evening prayers

An oil lamp is lit as an ode to ‘Agni’

The source of all life

Adorned with the fire of the Divine Feminine, Isha Life’s Linga Bhairavi Lamp is for every household. An ornamental brass lamp decorated with hand-carvings of the Devi with a serpent in the background, it exudes the powerful presence of the feminine fire, wherever it is lit. Light it in your place of worship every day to feel the positive transformation it brings to the space around you.


Power of Agni

Lighting a lamp is an auspicious tradition as fire exudes an etheric sphere around it that is conducive for spiritual well being



1.Keep it on your desk to maintain a positive ambiance
2. Place it in front of Devi photo or Devi Mukha
3. Light it every day to illuminate your pooja room



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