Moon phases wall hanging - Vertical



In eastern cultures, especially in India, it’s believed that the moon has a big influence on our physical and mental well-being. Those who are spiritually inclined are known to harness the various phases of the moon and its energy in their lives to clear negativity. The moon’s heavenly beauty has inspired poets, writers, artists and many more. It has a special place in yoga and meditation practise.

Get home the enchanting magnificence of the moon and its phases with this beautiful wall hanging. It features the various phases of the moon, made of out hammered metal discs. This finely crafted wall hanging of moon phases in antique gold finish will surely add more meaning to your home.



Why Isha Life’s Moon Phases Wall Hanging?

-          A tribute to the moon and its phases

-          Moons cut out of hammered metal discs

-          Beautiful antique gold finish

How big is it? (in inches)

Diameter – 3.5

Height – 46.5

 Sadhguru Says: “The moon and mysticism are deeply linked. To do anything with

yourself, it would be useful to be aware of where the moon is because it

creates different types of qualities and energies in the system.” Read the complete article.


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