Pancha Bhuta Dharba Grass Meditation Mat


If long hours of sitting are making you slightly uncomfortable, it could be because of an incorrect mat.

Try this one which is specially crafted from Darbha grass (Desmotachya bipinnata) or Kusa, which is a tropical grass that is considered to be a sacred material in the Vedas.

It is also said to purify the offerings during rituals.

Darbha was traditionally used for making asanas (seats for prayer and meditation).

It is known to have healing properties and believed to retain the energy during meditation.

Feel the skin-friendly caress of our soft darbha grass meditation mat, as its cotton cover offers you extra comfort.

Isha Life's meditation mat also features a colourful Pancha Bhoota (five elements of nature) design.

What's more, the cover comes with strings, which make it easier to carry the mat around.

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