Skin Deep Nourishing Organic Face Serum With Aloe Vera Extract & Turmeric (All Skin Types) - 30ml


A soothing touch of nourishment
Caressing a face bathed in fatigue
Alleviating the woes of a taxing day
One tender stroke after the other
Replacing exhaustion with care
And breathing new life into the skin

After a draining day, your face needs extra care and nourishment to undo the damage done by the environment. This is where a Face Serum may help. A good face serum should essentially do the following.

  • Provide nourishment to your skin
  • Protect against environmental damage
  • Add a natural glow to your skin

Our Deep Nourishing Organic Face Serum is imbued with a blend of ingredients sourced from nature. 

For nourishing your skin, we've added Aloe Vera which locks moisture into your skin and imparts a soothing effect. For protecting against environmental damage, we've added Bamboo Extracts and Haldi that fight off acne, dull skin, dark circles, and premature signs of aging, making your skin plump and supple. And finally, for lightening your skin complexion, we've added Licorice and Mulberry Extracts that lighten dark spots and offer glowing and radiant skin. 

We are committed to providing skincare essentials that are safe for your skin. This is why our Face Serum is totally free from Phthalates, Pesticides, Mineral Oils, and other chemicals that may be harmful to your skin.

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