Unisex Organic Cotton Sadhana Track Pant - White


Isha Life’s pure white, organic cotton track pants offer you absolute ease and fluid movement, perfect for your yoga and meditation practice. The fabric is mercerized cotton, which means it is treated to permanently straighten the cotton fibres, which then becomes a smooth rod-like fibre that is uniform in appearance with a high lustre.

Growing organic cotton involves sustainable farming practices with very low impact on the environment. When you buy any organic cotton product, you also support the livelihood of the farmers who grow crops without harming the ecology. Plus, undyed cotton plays a role in reducing water and air pollution.

Being organic in nature, this track pant is absolutely skin-friendly and completely free of toxic chemicals. It comes with two side pockets to keep your essentials handy. It has an elasticated waistband with drawstrings. Plus, the drawstrings at the bottom add to its casual joggers’ look.

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